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Passwordless 2-Factor-Authentication

What are passkeys?

Passkeys replace passwords and allow users to login with, e.g. Face ID or Touch ID, instead of passwords. They are a secure and convenient form of passwordless authentication and 2-factor-authentication (2FA).

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Improve UX while boosting Security

Why passkeys?

Passkeys offer security and convenience. Stored only on your devices, they verify you with a signature confirming to the website that you own the passkey. Using Touch ID, Face ID, or Windows Hello, they sync across devices for seamless usage.

Improve User Experience

because of 200% faster logins

Increase conversions

with a  400%  higher login success rate

Enhance IT security

with 100% phishing-resistance

Pushed by Apple, Google & Microsoft

Who's behind passkeys?

The three digital leaders Apple, Google, Microsoft fully support passkeys in their operating systems, devices and browsers, enforcing passkeys as new login standard. Passkeys are based on FIDO2 and WebAuthn, a capability that enables devices to authenticate in websites or apps.

More Than 90% of Devices are Passkey-Ready

What’s the passkey adoption?

We provide the largest free data source for global passkey support.
Check State of Passkeys to get the most recent passkey-readiness data.

Digital-First Companies Have Rolled Out Passkeys

Who supports passkeys?

Leading tech giants and industry leaders embrace passkeys.

Log in to any Website with Face ID

How do passkeys work?

Effortless setup and access to create and use passkeys across devices.


Create a passkey

  1. Provide your email address and click Continue.
  2. Use your local authentication (e.g. Face ID, Touch ID, Windows Hello) to create a passkey.

Log in with a passkey

  1. To log in with your passkey, simply click the email input field.
  2. Conditional UI (passkey autofill) will display available passkeys.

If your browser doesn’t support Conditional UI, use the Continue button below the email input.


Log in with a passkey from another device

  1. If there's no passkey available on the device you're using, you can utilize one from your phone.
  2. Simply opt for Passkeys from a Nearby Device and scan the QR code with your phone.
  3. Note that Bluetooth must be enabled on both devices for this feature to function.

Passkeys Work on iOS, macOS, Android & Windows

How to enable passkeys?

Read the guides to activate passkeys on different operating systems.

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windows iconWindows

Corbado offers Passkeys-as-a-Service

How to integrate passkeys?

Corbado helps you transition your users to passkeys risk-free within <1 hour. Provide the best passwordless login experience now.

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Ensure Your Device is Passkey-Ready

Do you want to know if your device is passkey-ready?

Check compatibility and prepare your devices for secure, password-free access.

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